A downloadable asset pack

12 Pixel Style Tracks For Your Game!

This Pack Contains:

  •  12 Pixel Styled Tracks

Formats: mp3, Wav, Ogg

Absolutely Free For Commercial use

If you have some questions contact me at alkakrab04@gmail.com

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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, 3D, 8-Bit, Backgrounds, free, Music, pixel, Singleplayer, soundtrack


Pixel RPG Music Pack.zip 232 MB

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# You don't need to credit me if you don't want, but I would be glad if you did so i can make more free packs for you in the future

# You can find more free packs on my Youtube chanel! - (Youtube/alkakrab)


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Hello, I made a game using your amazing sound asset, I really enjoyed the dungeon sound so I used that one as a main sound, 

I was planning to tell you after the game was done, so u could play the game or atleast know about it, but google changed their policy which required 20 testers to upload on Android and I am currently short on 3 people can u please be one of those testers. This is the game's current progress.

This is great! I’m going to start doing some music on this site, but I don’t think I’ll be this good ;)

Thanks for kind words and good luck! :)

are you open for commissions on music based on this?

If you need something very similar to this, i can do that

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okay perfect! It would be very similar

Please email me  to chat further about it- cody.j.r.bowles@gmail.com

There is "Order custom music for your game" banner in the asset pack description, there are all info and prices,  you can click on it and order music if you want custom music

Nice pack, using this for a zelda like game for a game jam. Will give you credit.

Thanks for sharing!



You can leave a comment here to support my proposal about making metadata visible for those who are interested in it https://itch.io/t/2919128/metadata-encouragement#post-7952450


I used this music in my (trash) prototype... https://dustdfg.itch.io/hungrypostman-demo


Are you planning to create some sfx packs (especially for pixel art games ;)? I guess it is much easier than creating music packs and it could be additional promotion for you because if people searching for sfx, they usually (I guess because my experience) skip all bgm and vice-versa. When people see something they like they can enter your profile page and maybe other your packs... If you will create at least one sfx pack, it can attract (I guess)big sector of audience you miss now

I also have one addition to comment about splitting zips for one archive for one file format. It is a bit annoying to download 200-300 MB of archive when ogg or mp3 (that weights much less than wav) is enough for your needs

P.S Thank you for your awesome music. I enjoy it. I even run it in background when writing code :D

Will think about it :)


I've used the magical river it in my game https://dustdfg.itch.io/greedyslime

Cool! Will check it out

It is a little annoying to download all three formats of the same files especially when you need only one... Could you separate them to three different archives? pixel_rpg_music_pack_wav.zip pixel_rpg_music_pack_ogg.zip pixel_rpg_music_pack_mp3.zip

I found a game https://dplust.itch.io/splitbot that uses your music (at least I read it in credits). As a creator, could you help me and tell me what asset pack and track it is, please?

I dont remember track name but it is from this pack https://alkakrab.itch.io/free-12-tracks-pixel-rpg-game-music-pack

Ok. Thanks. Honestly, I tried to find it here but I will try again thanks

Here you go again! I was just getting ready to use your music in a project and came here to get the link to your creator page for some credit; now I have to download this too. It's great!

Thanks! Nice to hear that 


Great release Alkakrab! You make great music <3

Thanks <3


looks good