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This Is Free Medieval Soundtrack for your game. Its absolutely free for commercial use. More info in "READ ME" file.

If you have some questions contact me at alkakrab04@gmail.com



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GenreRole Playing
Tagsambient, Backgrounds, Fantasy, free, game, Indie, Music, skyrim, soundtrack


Medieval Vol. 2.zip 350 MB
Loops Medieval Vol. 2.zip 481 MB

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Hi! Thanks for downloading my pack!

# You don't need to credit me if you don't want, but I would be glad if you did so i can make more free packs for you in the future

# You can find more free packs on my Youtube chanel! - (Youtube/alkakrab)

# I can also make music specially for your game! If you want to work together text me at alkakrab04@gmail.com

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Incredible music! We used several of these tracks in our tower defense game: Citadel Clash

Thanks for making these available!

Thanks! Nice to hear that!

Hey Alkakrab, thanks for your awesome music! i'm using them for my project! when i put up the itch.io page, i'll let you know! :D

Thanks :)

Hi, and a big thank you.

So, maybe I am overlooking it, but this is Medieval Volume 2, and I don't see volume 1? Is that correct?

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Volume 1 is very old, when i released it i didn't upload anything on itch.io, but you can find it on my youtube, its my first ever pack so quality of it is not the best :)

Thank you !!!

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Hi, this pack is great! Just asking can I use the image above if it has no copyright or anything (I am using for commercial game).

Hi, i don't know exactly, image is not mine

can you please link me to where you found the image?

I don't remember exactly, this pack is quite old, i just googled "Medieval Wallpaper" 

So is it CC0?


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It's great!

You should add the license into metadata for your asset packs:

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your music

Thanks! Will add it 


Thank you for making this pack!! The soundtracks are super gorgeous!! I used some of them in the game I made for NaNoRenO 2023! I also credited you in the credits and in the description!



Thanks! Will check it out!


Currently sifting through your music tracks, thank you so much for making these available to use. This upcoming month I intend to make time to learn how to create music tracks and would definitely like some pointers on what to do when creating musical tracks in general.

Thank you!


Very nice job... i love it


License to use? videogame commercial?



Feels like it's BGM for some kind of fantasy movie


These are really great!

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Thank you


This is actually kind of nice to hear. I think I'm just gonna listen to it as is.